_Site Policies and Guidelines_

Though this is a wiki and you're free to update and add content, there are a few policies and guidelines you must consider. Violating these could result in deletion or alteration of material you've posted and termination of your account at the discretion of the administrators.


  • Steer clear of inflammatory material, especially anything related to politics and religion. Sure, there are racist villains and religious zealot villains; but these characters are handled in a general way in the comic books and should be handled the same here.
  • Only post material that would be considered, at worst, PG-13.

Changing Content

  • There is no need to contact the original submitter of information on the wiki to make grammatical or consistency changes.
  • If you think a fundamental change is needed to some information on the wiki, please contact the original author or start a forum discussion about it for that particular page by clicking on the discussions tab.
  • Feel free to always add information to a page without any permission...that's what a wiki is all about.
  • If somone is already working on a page, you won't be locked out, but you will get a warning. Do not work on a page that someone already has open...lost data will most likely occur. This should not be a big problem except for index pages that everyone may need to update. You can always contact the person who has the file open to see when they plan to finish.

Copywrite, Permissions, and Acknowledgements

  • Do not reproduce copyrighted material from official or licensed ICONS products. Providing a one-line description and a referring link is acceptable, but you should seek permission from the author.
  • Do not reproduce material from fan-made ICONS materials that you didn't completely create yourself unless you get permission from the author.
  • When creating conversions of material from copywritten sources (like DC comics or Dungeions & Dragons) you should provide a reference source and a note like "used without permission".

Grammar and Consistency

  • Put all book titles and any other titles in italics.
  • Unlike some wikis, there are no special conventions for each file name. For consistency and readability, make all file names the same as the title of the page. For example, if the title of a page is "Captain Super" make the page's file name "Captain Super".