• Create a page for an adventure (or link to a PDF) here.
  • (Ex) Sidekicks, an adventure in which former sidekicks go to a funeral.
  • Ikazuchi's Heir, an adventure in which ninjas attack.
  • Terror in the Toybox, an adventure in which heroes transfer their essences to action figures and fight in a playroom. Untested.
  • Extended adventure creator

Extended Adventure Charts

Because some people like a little more guidance, I've extended the adventure creator given in the main ICONS sourcebook. Use this only if it helps you.

Using This Adventure Creator

This adventure creator makes very simple adventures of this form:

  • The heroes have to stop <opponent>, which wants to <verb> <noun> but <complication>

Roll once on each table to fill in the missing word. The verb and noun come from the main rulebook.

The opponent is simple, and you might have an opponent in mind, in which case don't roll that. The complication might apply to a scene or to the whole adventure: just, at some point it makes a significant appearance.


Opponent is
One villain
Villain group where one of the villains likes/loves/owes a debt to one of the heroes
Villain group where one of the villains hates/dislikes/has some power over one of the heroes
Villain group
Natural force, such as a wildfire, a flood, or even (for your more cosmic groups) entropy or time

But (Complication)

While heroes are in secret ID and can't act
Wannabe heroes attack
Target claims it's okay
Someone steals something important to the plan (ransom money, invention, clue)
Character's significant person (loved one, mentor, etc) has conflicting plan for them at just this time
Necessary action is something the character has promised not to do

The Crime Tables (Soylent Green's alternate random adventure generation)

Created these tables form my own ICONS campaign, figured I might as well share it. The document also contains various templates for Pyramid Tests. Download the pdf below.

Two Hallowe'en adventurelets

Not big enough to be adventures, too big to be adventure seeds, and "adventure saplings" sounded wrong.
Download the PDF below.

Reign of the Supermen

A major event of the early 1990s was the Death of Superman followed by the Reign of the Supermen by DC Comics. This has the potential for numerous adventures where the characters can battle Doomsday, encounter the four different incarnations of Superman that emerged following his death, help the real Superman, combat the cyborg Superman as a recurring foe, and so on, and so forth.